Our mission is to ignite the accessibility
of 3-dimensional geospatial data.


Blackmore's LIDAR Engine enables unsurpassed performance across the broad application space of 3D LIDAR imaging.

By translating the advanced toolsets of modern radar into the optical domain, we are driving revolutionary cost and performance gains.

The inherent scalability of the Blackmore approach affords us the unique ability to produce quantities in line with the growth of the autonomous driving industry.


While Blackmore Inc. has become known as the first LIDAR system to enter the market with the capability of instantaneous measurement of object velocity, the Doppler field is really only the beginning of the story.


Blackmore’s approach to FMCW LIDAR measurement also allows for
point-by-point scene segmentation, single photon sensitivity, and a new paradigm for interference rejection.

See the level of scene segmentation possible in this short clip -- pay close attention to the point-by-point Doppler shifts that occur as the various regions of the subject move at different speeds and in different directions.