Our LIDAR Automotive Solutions


Blackmore is applying FMCW LIDAR techniques to automotive applications.

This means a unique ability to instantly measure velocity by capturing Doppler data of moving objects.  

See this in action below with Doppler shifts instantaneously shaded in blues and reds.


All of this data was collected in a single pass through the scene, with Doppler data processed in real time.

The Blackmore LIDAR system uses only a single forward-look sensor with a horizontal field of view of about 40 degrees. Multiplexing of the scanner over the next few months will enable a much wider field of view.

The Blackmore LIDAR system collects and processes data in a way that enables it to be viewed as “first person” or from any number of angles or viewpoints.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 4.48.38 PM.png

The inherent flexibility of the approach leads to critical performance advantages and a clear pathway to mass production.


Prototype units are expected in mid-2017.